The Oregon Coast produces an abundance of seafood. Its fishermen bring in fresh catches daily. Oysters are grown and harvested in many bays and estuaries. Clams can be dug, mussels pried loose, and crabs trapped.

Naturally, fresh seafood is available at many outlets along the coast. Sometimes, you only need to go down to the dock and get your seafood from the boat as it unloads. You can also find a seafood store, often in the harbor area or along Highway 101.

In addition to fresh seafood, there are many ways to prepare delicacies such as smoked oysters and salmon. Sometimes a seafood market has a restaurant attached, where you can have your fish or other products of the sea prepared for you.

Josephsons Smokehouse and Specialty Seafood (Astoria)
Tillamook Bay Boathouse (Garibaldi)
Oregon Gourmet Crab (Garibaldi)
Garibaldi Cannery (Garibaldi)
Pacific Oyster (Bay City)
Fish Peddler (Newport)
Ranger Clameron (Waldport)
Umpqua Aquaculture (Winchester Bay)

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