Highway 101 Cannon Beach to Manzanita

This is not the original Highway 101. At first, the highway turned inland north of Cannon Beach and returned to the coast at the head of Nehalem Bay near Wheeler.

Between Cannon Beach and Arch Cape, there are several parks and viewpoints, but the really spectacular part starts with the tunnel just south of Arch Cape. As the highway passes over the lower slopes of Neahkahnie Mountain, several turnouts provide views of the coast both north and south.

The highway returns to near sea level at the turnoff to Manzanita.

Milepost 29.4 Cannon Beach (ZIP 97110)

30.5 Cannon Beach South Access
Haystack Rock, part of Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and the unofficial symbol of Cannon Beach, lies just south. This 235-foot monolith is home to many species of nesting birds. Between April and August, tufted puffins abound. Do not disturb either the birds or marine life in tide pools. These marine gardens are protected by the state.

30.8 Tolovana Park (ZIP 97145)
Tolovana Park is adjacent to Cannon Beach and has resorts, shops, and restaurants. The main street running through Cannon Beach and Tolovana Park is Hemlock Street. Tolovana Beach Wayside, across Hemlock from the access to Hwy 101, is a good place to park and walk to Haystack Rock.

31.6 Viewpoint
See the beach from Tillamook Head south toward Cape Falcon.

32.4 Arcadia Beach State Park
Picnic tables, a restroom, and beach access. A trail leads to a scenic beach in a beautiful little cove.

33.7 Hug Point State Park
The old road was treacherous, and travelers had to hug the rock here to get around the point. The road was closed during high tides. Visitors can explore tidal caves, hike to a waterfall, and investigate the remains of the old roadbed.


39.0 Oswald West State Park
Within its 2474 acres are rain forests, secluded beaches, and panoramic viewpoints. The park includes Cape Falcon and most of Neahkahnie Mountain. Tent campers can take a 1/4-mile hike to 30 primitive campsites nestled in the forest. Surfers, bring your boards and enjoy the waves.

40.5-41.3 Series of Viewpoints
Former Oregon Governor Oswald West was instrumental in preserving the coast. A plaque commemorates him at the northernmost of the viewpoints on the west side of Hwy 101 as it rounds Neahkahnie Mountain. All lie within Oswald West State Park.

42.8 Neahkahnie Beach
Trails lead to the summit of the mountain from this popular beach at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain. Stories of buried treasure arose more than two centuries ago when, according to legend, a badly crippled, treasure-rich Spanish galleon strayed off course and was wrecked on the beach. Native Indians told of seeing a huge canoe cast on the shore with its great white wings flapping in the wind. They said the men from the ship carried boxes from the wreck and buried them at the foot of the mountain. No one has ever found the treasure, but many artifacts, including a wine cup and beeswax, have been found.

43.0 Manzanita (ZIP 97130)

Chasm Bridge
Hug Point State Park
Necarney Creek Bridge
Tolovana Beach State Park