Highway 101 Coos Bay to Port Orford

For most of the distance between Coos Bay and Port Orford, Highway 101 follows an inland route, offering drivers only glimpses of the ocean. The area is goes through has a considerable agricultural element. Near Bandon, you can see cranberry bogs besides the highway. Further south, sheep graze in pastures alongside the road.

The only major community along the way is Bandon, about midway between Coos Bay and Port Orford. In addition, there are some small communities like Langlois, minute ones like Sixes, and a few that are difficult to detect at all, like Norway.

A and T Myrtlewood
Bandon Dunes Hotel
Big Air Windsurfing
Bullards Beach State Park
Cape Blanco State Park
Chris Hawthorne
Paradise Point State Park
WildSpring Guest Habitat