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Devil's Churn

One way a landlubber can experience the roiling, thunderous, hair-raising power of the sea -- without getting seasick -- is to visit Devil's Churn at the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. A stone's throw off Highway 101 just south of Yachats, this phenomenon is a notch in the Oregon Coast that catches a wave and funnels it inland for many yards until it becomes an off-white, frothy pile driver. If the wave rushes in fast enough, it rams the end of the churn and sends up a tall plume of foam and spray. This is not to be missed.

Devil's Churn is one of the easiest natural sites to find on the coast. The parking lot is right off the highway going south. A visitor center provides information, bathrooms, and refreshments.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area
Yachats Oregon 97498

Phone: 541-547-3289
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