Glass Art Gearhart
John Cook Studios

John Cook has a studio and gallery in Gearhart. His work comprises an imaginative medley of bowls, perfume bottles, and vases, many with silver glass decorations meant to simulate a metal stand. Cook also creates pieces arising from floral motifs. His lamps and other lighting fixtures, including the metal work, are fashioned at his studio.

Cook has been a glass artist since 1968. He earned his bachelor of fine arts degree in glass from Brooks Institute of Fine Arts in Santa Barbara CA, where he studied on scholarship and graduated with honors. He has designed works of arts for many notable collectors, including Kenny Loggins, Joe Walsh, Barbara Streisand, Jacque-Yves Cousteau. John Cook's glass is shown at major galleries throughout the United States and museums as well.

3427 Hwy 101 N
P.O. Box 2872
Gearhart Oregon 97138

Phone: 503-738-5122
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