Seafood Winchester Bay
Umpqua Aquaculture

You will find some of the sweetest oysters at Umpqua Aquaculture in Winchester Bay. They are becoming the standard of quality for Pacific Ocean Oysters due to their unique growing methodology.

Influenced by the cold ocean waters of the Pacific and the fresh waters of the Umpqua River, these Umpqua Triangle Oysters spend their two to four years of life attached to 15-foot ropes that form nearly two miles of oyster "curtains."

Sought after by many Oregon Coast restaurants, fresh Umpqua Triangle Oysters are also available at their Winchester Bay retail store in various sizes in the shell or shucked. Also available are different sauces and recipes. Due to their clean, sweet, and pearlescent quality, these oysters are setting the standard for quality Pacific Ocean oysters.

Excellent views of the triangle are available from the Umpqua River Lighthouse. A visit to their processing plant on shucking days provides a unique opportunity to view shuckers and inspectors in action. They also play a video describing their growth methodology.

23 Ork Rock Road
PO Box 1287
Winchester Bay Oregon 97467

Phone: 541-271-5684
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