Forest Service campgrounds

The US Forest Service operates campgrounds in a number of locations within national forests on the Oregon Coast. Generally speaking, these campgrounds are more rustic and less well-equipped than the state parks campgrounds. Sometimes a forest service campground will not accommodate large RVs, but there are others that welcome RVs of the large variety. Reservations are available for some campgrounds.

Unlike the state and county parks, the Forest Service has campgrounds only on land that is part of the system of National Forests. There are two such forests on the Oregon Coast, Siuslaw National Forest and Siskiyou National Forest.

Sandbeach Campground (Sandlake)
Rocky Bend Campground (Beaver)
Hebo Lake Campground (Hebo)
Castle Rock Campground (Hebo)
Cape Perpetua Scenic Area (Yachats)
South Jetty Siuslaw River Sand Camping (Florence)
Siltcoos Area Sand Camping (Florence)
Spinreel Area Sand Camping (Lakeside)
Hauser Area Sand Camping (Hauser)
Horsfall Area Sand Camping (North Bend)

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18-Dec-06 South Jetty Siuslaw River Sand Camping (Florence)
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