Horses Highway 101 Gold Beach to Brookings-Harbor
Hawk's Rest Ranch

Hawk's Rest Ranch is a 200-acre ranch that is situated off of Hwy 101 South, in the majestic Souther Oregon Coast's, Pistol River Valley. Presented by Siskiyou West Day Lodge, Hawk's Rest Ranch offers visitors a chance to let go and enjoy guided horseback excursions throughout varying coastal landscapes.

Guided horseback excursions are available by the hour or daily, and offer private and group sessions. Trips include trail rides near peaceful streams and forests, breathtaking beaches, as well as sand dunes.

Hawk's Rest Ranch horses are gentle and very compatible for both beginners and experienced riders.

94667 N. Bank Pistol River Rd
PO Box 6048
Pistol River Oregon 97444

Phone: 541-247-6423
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