Bird Watching Gold Beach
Elephant Bar/Jerry's Flat

Elephant Bar is graced by a well-kept, quarter-mile trail, which weaves through a freshwater-floodplain forest, a little brook, and pond lined with flourishing riparian habitat. As birders trek through the cottonwood trees, they should keep eyes peeled for northern flicker, hairy woodpecker, and yellow-rumped warbler. Waterfowl, nesting osprey, green heron, and bald eagle are present where the brook converges with the river.

After bird watching on the bar, proceed east on Jerry's Flat Road 1.2 miles to Jerry's Flat, a broad expanse of brush, scrub, and willows with river rock bordering the Rogue River. Frequently seen in the river are ring-billed gull. Warbling and Hutton's vireo, yellow-rumped, yellow, black-throated gray, and orange-crowned warbler willow residents. Irregularly seen north of the river in winter are northern shrike. In summer, wade across the river to the small island next to the flat, where there are yellow-breasted chat, nesting willow flycatcher, and vesper sparrow.

In Gold Beach on Highway 101, at the south end of the Rogue River Bridge, turn east on Jerry's Flat Road, then drive 2.2 miles to the parking area on the left -- before reaching Freeman Rock gravel operations.

Gold Beach Oregon

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