Bird Watching Highway 101 Florence to North Bend
Tahkenitch Dunes/Threemile Lake Trails

Going out to the ocean, a mid-difficulty, 6.5-mile loop trail begins in coniferous trees and winds past Butterfly, Elbow, and Threemile lakes. Tahkenitch is an Indian word for "many-armed," which refers to the lake inlets. Scan for violet-green and tree swallow, rufous hummingbird, belted kingfisher, Vaux's swift, varied thrush, western tanager, olive-sided flycatcher, brown creeper, wrentit, red crossbill, Swainson's thrush, and chestnut-backed chickadee. Be on the lookout for western snowy plover out on the beach.

In Reedsport on Highway 101, drive north eight miles to milepost 204, turn west into Tahkenitch Campground, then follow the signs to the trailhead.

Reedsport Oregon

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