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Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

On Christmas Eve day in 1805, Lewis & Clark and their Corps of Discovery took refuge in an abandoned stockade fort. While making this a winter camp following their 2,000 mile journey west, this historical expeditionary team named the site Fort Clatsop in honor of local Indians.

In 1955, and because of years of deterioration, local citizens reconstructed the fort on the same site by using Lewis & Clark's building techniques and sketches.

Today, this historic landmark is open to the public, where park rangers dress in buckskins, smoke meat, make candles, carve dugout canoes and fire flintlock rifles and muskets—reenacting the “hard living" time period of the explorers. More than 200,000 people visit Fort Clatsop annually.

The visitor center provides educational audiovisual programs, various exhibits, books, maps, etc. Many visitors enjoy the park's picnic area, as well as scenic hiking trails that were once used by the Corps of Discovery.

92343 Fort Clatsop Rd
Astoria Oregon 97103

Phone: 503-861-2471
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