Bird Watching Lincoln City
Josephine Young Park

To observe great egret in the fall as well as great blue heron all year, walk to the beach, then head left and skirt the point to the mouth of Drift Creek. From fall to spring, scrutinize south Siletz Bay at mid tide to observe greater and lesser scaup, common and Pacific loon, western grebe, canvasback, gadwall, common goldeneye, surf scoter, red-breasted merganser, black-bellied plover, dunlin, and western and least sandpiper. Migration in spring and fall bring black turnstone, semi-palmated plover, whimbrel, yellowlegs, dowitchers, and occasionally marbled godwit, wandering tattler, and red knot. Caspian tern and common merganser are frequent in summer with infrequent green heron.

In Lincoln City on Highway 101, drive south to SW 67th Street. Turn west, drive 0.4 miles, then turn west on SW 65th Street. Proceed a block to the end, then park in the lot.

Lincoln City Oregon

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