At one time, beer was often produced locally in small quantities, but during the 20th century, production became concentrated in a small number of operations, which produced very standardized products. In recent years, in reaction to the dominance of bland beer, small breweries have sprung up throughout America.

The Oregon Coast has been no exception. Beers brewed on the Oregon Coast are distributed to outlets inland as well as on the coast. In many cases, you can quench your thirst and enjoy good food at a pub attached to the brewery itself.

Astoria Brewing Company/Wet Dog Cafe (Astoria)
Astoria Brewing Company (Astoria)
Bill's Tavern & Brewhouse (Cannon Beach)
Pelican Pub and Brewery (Pacific City)
Lighthouse Brewpub (Lincoln City)
Siletz Brewing Company (Siletz)
Rogue Ales Public House (Newport)
Brewers on the Bay (Newport)
Wakonda Brewing (Florence)

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05-Dec-06 Wakonda Brewing (Florence)
New brews now available for the holiday season. Check them out at Three Rivers Casino. View All

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