Barview marks the start of Tillamook Bay. The fishing boats and piles of oyster shells of Bay City and Garibaldi immediately identify the pillars of the local economy. The Kilchis, Trask, Wilson, and Tillamook rivers converge in a broad valley.

In the middle is Tillamook, the county seat, the largest town in the county and home to the world-famous Tillamook Cheese Factory.

The jetties at the mouth of Tillamook Bay have had different effects on sand buildup to the north and south. To the south, the creation of the jetties caused erosion of the coastal resort town of Bayocean, built on the sand spit across Tillamook Bay in the early 20th century and completely abandoned by midcentury.

On the north side, rather than erode, the sand accumulated. The dry land on which the Barview County Park sits is largely the product of the effect of the jetties on ocean currents.

Barview County Park
Barview Jetty Park - Bird Watching