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Astoria Riverfront Trolley

A trip to Astoria would not be complete without a ride on the Astoria Riverfront Trolley. With an average trip of 40-45 minutes, passengers view Astoria's historic riverfront area and listen to tidbits of the town's unique history told by its volunteer conductors. Old Number 300 has been riding the rails of Astoria since May 1999.

Locals and visitors enjoy this form of transportation that is nearly at capacity most days. There are many stops in the historic waterfront district and the fare is $1 for a single ride or $2 to catch rides throughout the day. The trolley is also available for private use and the organization is always looking for volunteers.

On a loose schedule, the Astoria Riverfront Trolley runs every day during the summer. During the off-season, it runs weekends only until dark. When not in service, the trolley is sheltered from the ocean elements in a newly-constructed barn.

Built in 1913 by the American Car Company of St. Louis, this trolley car was in service in San Antonio until 1933 when it was replaced by bus travel. After many decades of use and misuse, Old Number 300 came to Astoria on loan from the San Antonio Museum Association in 1999. With 300 volunteers, the Trolley Task Force raised $20,000, spent more than 2,800 hours during a five-month period, to restore the trolley for use in Astoria. Prior to its service there, this 40-passenger trolley had spent time more than 10 years in the Pacific Northwest.

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